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folder11.0.0.33 A9 Kernel exploit being worked on!2017-08-16 13:38
folder[Suggestion] Make it so that I could download 3DS Roms2017-08-16 13:38
folder^_^ leaker i Found some thing about the Vitamin leaker ^_^2017-08-16 13:38
folderA wishlist of-things that will most likely never happen 3ds-homebrew-hacking-edition2017-08-16 13:38
folderaccidentally flash wrong .cia (flashed new 3ds to old 3ds)2017-08-16 13:38
folderCan someone give me Ancl perfect town plss2017-08-16 13:38
folderCode loader2017-08-16 13:38
folderDislike button2017-08-16 13:38
folderDreamcast Emulation2017-08-16 13:38
folderFatesHax2017-08-16 13:38
folderHax3D2017-08-16 13:38
folderHow 2 hack black ops 2 wii u2017-08-16 13:38
folderHow do I install a H&S CIA if I don't have acess to FBI + I'm back to the 3DS Hacking!2017-08-16 13:38
folderHow to save my bricked 3DS2017-08-16 13:38
folderI just got my 3DS2017-08-16 13:38
folderI'll pay you to hack my 3DS!2017-08-16 13:38
folderIf you have a 3DS or Wii U with Miiverse read this2017-08-16 13:38
folderIOSU question2017-08-16 13:38
folderIs it possible to connect Wii Remote to 3DS2017-08-16 13:38
folderIs there a list of URI calls2017-08-16 13:38
folderIs there any way to play ace attorney(the 3ds games)or the new pokemon games free in 3ds2017-08-16 13:38
folderLuma3ds Wont boot. black screen a9lh. AM I BRICKED2017-08-16 13:38
folderMerge Previous Accounts2017-08-16 13:38
folderMK8 NOT WORKING WITH LOADIINE2017-08-16 13:38
folderNew CIA Installer For 10.72017-08-16 13:38
folderNew Nintendo 3ds xl is completely useless2017-08-16 13:38
folderNew System Update!2017-08-16 13:38
foldernewleafhax2017-08-16 13:38
folderPokemon Sun and Moon Legit CIAs confirmed2017-08-16 13:38
folderpoll - nintendo sdk vs ctrulib2017-08-16 13:38
folderPort psp games - 3ds2017-08-16 13:38
folderRunning normal DS games on a 3ds with CFW2017-08-16 13:38
folderSeriously stop guys2017-08-16 13:38
folderSuper Mario Maker 3DS ReMake2017-08-16 13:38
folderTheory on Downgrading from v11 without HardMod or CFW 3DS2017-08-16 13:38
folderUse flashcard for 11.0 downgrade2017-08-16 13:38
folderWhy is religion still a thing2017-08-16 13:38
folderWorks with 11.0 and no CFW2017-08-16 13:38
file11.0 downgrade (not hardmode).pdf2017-08-16 13:38584 KB
file256GB & PSP How to get it working.pdf2017-08-16 13:38877 KB
file2ds with RxTools cfw and o3ds without CFW at 11.0.0-33 downgrade possible.pdf2017-08-16 13:38609 KB
file[Hbl game Idea] Cube 2_ Sauberauten.pdf2017-08-16 13:381032 KB
file[Homebrew Request] A way to put the cartridge icon on the home menu into a folder.pdf2017-08-16 13:38195 KB
file[QUESTION] Does Nintendo can really not patch this.pdf2017-08-16 13:38190 KB
file[Question] DSiware downgrade.pdf2017-08-16 13:38517 KB
file[RELEASE] IOSUHax .pdf2017-08-16 13:38455 KB
file[RELEASE] Niggerhax - Pokemon Black Exploit (8.1 - 11.1).html2017-08-16 13:38121 KB
file[request] cia.pdf2017-08-16 13:38913 KB
file[Suggestion] 3DS cartage overwrite.pdf2017-08-16 13:3882 KB
file[SUGGESTION] Online-Luma3DS.pdf2017-08-16 13:382610 KB
file[WIP] .3ds Rom Loader.pdf2017-08-16 13:38481 KB
fileAfter the plailect a9lh has, I have 7gb of backup data.pdf2017-08-16 13:38357 KB
fileAlternativ Home Button .pdf2017-08-16 13:38539 KB
fileAny new on kernel exploits for 11.0.pdf2017-08-16 13:38649 KB
filearm9loaderhax section 1 issue.pdf2017-08-16 13:38182 KB
fileCan DSIware Downgrade Be Done Online.pdf2017-08-16 13:38471 KB
fileCan I to downgrade new3ds 11.0 with DSiware with emulator citra on PC.pdf2017-08-16 13:38585 KB
filecan i use sysupdater.pdf2017-08-16 13:38685 KB
fileCan you write to the Ds carts rom using a 3ds.pdf2017-08-16 13:38748 KB
fileChange sound volume without slider.pdf2017-08-16 13:38831 KB
fileCIA install by qrcode (could not load file).pdf2017-08-16 13:38529 KB
fileComputer having problems when kicked.pdf2017-08-16 13:38695 KB
fileConvert cia to 3ds.pdf2017-08-16 13:3873 KB
fileDoes a .cia game can brick my 3ds.pdf2017-08-16 13:38427 KB
fileDowngrade New 3ds xl on 11.0 without hardmod.pdf2017-08-16 13:38806 KB
fileDSi Downgrade Free Method.pdf2017-08-16 13:38592 KB
fileDsiware on arm9loader 3ds on luma cfw.pdf2017-08-16 13:38531 KB
fileEROGE PC GAMES.pdf2017-08-16 13:38490 KB
fileFBI support in 3DS 11.0 firmware (maybe a clue).pdf2017-08-16 13:3875 KB
fileFormatting Luma CFW Boots Into SysNAND Rather than EmuNand.pdf2017-08-16 13:38710 KB
fileFreeShop for 11.0.0-33U.pdf2017-08-16 13:38397 KB
filegateway 3ds good buy.pdf2017-08-16 13:38321 KB
fileGateway A9HL 4.1b and the blue card.pdf2017-08-16 13:38721 KB
fileGIVE ME 11.0 DOWNGRADE YOU FUCKING DEVELOPERS.html2017-08-16 13:3856 KB
fileGot a piece of tape stuck in my sd card slot....pdf2017-08-16 13:3866 KB
fileHas anyone killed an entity.pdf2017-08-16 13:38263 KB
filehelp i cant reinstall menuhax.pdf2017-08-16 13:3858 KB
fileHelp need installing or give to me.html2017-08-16 13:38646 KB
fileHomebrow launcher v1.2 failed to download payload.pdf2017-08-16 13:38503 KB
filehow do u connect psp to 3ds to dwngrade.mhtml2017-08-16 13:38698 KB
filehow to downgrade arm9lh new 3ds 11.0.pdf2017-08-16 13:38608 KB
filehow to make cia.mhtml2017-08-16 13:38677 KB
fileHow to stop update nag on 3DS with Gateway 3DS and Decrypt9 .pdf2017-08-16 13:381039 KB
fileI need your opinion about Plailect ARM9 Guide. Please, come.pdf2017-08-16 13:38691 KB
fileI want to download.pdf2017-08-16 13:38434 KB
fileif you buy a new 3ds how do you tranfer a9lh to it.pdf2017-08-16 13:383185 KB
fileIf you format sysnand, does it keep A9LH installed.pdf2017-08-16 13:38765 KB
fileIn case you're on 11.0.0 and can't start decrypt9.pdf2017-08-16 13:38115 KB
fileInstall Ticket Without CFW.pdf2017-08-16 13:3883 KB
fileIs a New Nintendo 3ds backwards compatible with DS Games.pdf2017-08-16 13:38463 KB
fileIs a9lh available for installing on 11.0.pdf2017-08-16 13:38634 KB
fileIs anyone working on a native n64 emulator for henkkau.pdf2017-08-16 13:38796 KB
fileis it possible that Super Mario Maker 3DS will be leaked soon.pdf2017-08-16 13:38947 KB
fileIs Pokemon Sun Moon Demo out.pdf2017-08-16 13:38596 KB
fileIs there a list of all URI calls.pdf2017-08-16 13:38498 KB
fileIs there any way at all to downgrade from 11.0.0-33.pdf2017-08-16 13:38638 KB
fileJust wondering.pdf2017-08-16 13:38394 KB
filelenny_nooo.png2017-08-16 13:38675 KB
filelittle help.pdf2017-08-16 13:38274 KB
fileLuma on O3DS 11.0 firmware.pdf2017-08-16 13:38679 KB
filemargen.png2017-08-16 13:381 KB
fileMemes - Plailect Guide.pdf2017-08-16 13:3881 KB
filends games not loading.pdf2017-08-16 13:38223 KB
fileNeed help with oothax on a n3ds 11.0 !!!.pdf2017-08-16 13:38577 KB
fileNephew Installed GW a9lh - how to get rid of it.pdf2017-08-16 13:38303 KB
filenew to alh9.pdf2017-08-16 13:381057 KB
fileNoob Question about Updating firmware on LunaN3DS.pdf2017-08-16 13:38631 KB
fileOfficial Space Thread.mhtml2017-08-16 13:383064 KB
fileOpening 2 Apps Games at once (O3DS Trough Exploit).pdf2017-08-16 13:38593 KB
fileOut of Region 3DS game updater.pdf2017-08-16 13:3892 KB
fileOut of region manual.pdf2017-08-16 13:38505 KB
filePermanent 300 play coins.pdf2017-08-16 13:38130 KB
fileplaying PS2 games on PSP (phat 1003_4) CFW6.60.pdf2017-08-16 13:38925 KB
fileplease help I am crying.pdf2017-08-16 13:38342 KB
filePokemon Alpha Sapphire always loads shinny pokemon.pdf2017-08-16 13:38107 KB
filePossible.pdf2017-08-16 13:38699 KB
fileQuestion about custom firmware.pdf2017-08-16 13:38637 KB
fileQuestion Sysnand Payload for A9LH.pdf2017-08-16 13:38671 KB
filer9lh.pdf2017-08-16 13:38892 KB
fileRequest Super Mario Maker SmileBASIC Game Files.pdf2017-08-16 13:38777 KB
filerinne.png2017-08-16 13:38694 KB
filerinne2.png2017-08-16 13:381798 KB
fileSelling Pokemon - All Legal.mhtml2017-08-16 13:38620 KB
fileSimple idea for freeshop.pdf2017-08-16 13:3872 KB
fileskiddie sharing his yt channel.pdf2017-08-16 13:381309 KB
fileSky3ds+ Game Compatibility.pdf2017-08-16 13:38534 KB
filestupid question.pdf2017-08-16 13:38713 KB
fileThank you.. My unit now is cfw.pdf2017-08-16 13:3890 KB
fileTurn off interstitial ads.pdf2017-08-16 13:38494 KB
fileUpdate for the latest kernel version.pdf2017-08-16 13:3869 KB
fileUpper Chest Muscle Building Tips.pdf2017-08-16 13:38559 KB
fileWhat are all the types of manslaughter.pdf2017-08-16 13:381250 KB
fileWHERE THE ACTUAL FUC IS COLDBOOT HAX.mht2017-08-16 13:38654 KB
filewhy heaphax is abandonned.pdf2017-08-16 13:38661 KB
fileWorks but fbi crashs.html2017-08-16 13:38237 KB
fileWorks with 11.0 and no CFW.pdf2017-08-16 13:38100 KB