A place where you can find all of the biggest GBATemp and 3dshacks fails

This place is in no way to bully or harass anyone for their "fails" or mistakes, rather just to recognize them for their siliness or stupidity

Anyways, have a fun time here! There are 3 sections:

Gateway Fails for Gateway-3DS-related fails(bricks!)

Threads : Random threads found on GBATemp and/or 3dshacks

Members : Reserved to members of GBATemp that have a historal of creating stupid threads that end up in a shitstorm/hilarious ending by the OP

petermary17 : It could be in Users but he deserves his own special section for his notoriety :^)

Thanks to the members of the #3dshacks discord for posting this threads in #bestofidiots so I could archive the threads as fast as possible :)

If you want to suggest any addition to this page, feel free to contact me via Telegram, E-Mail or Discord(if you share a guild with me)





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